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The Mayor wants you to keep your home!

The SaveYourHomePhilly hotline is the only government-authorized foreclosure prevention program in Philadelphia. It is staffed by trained lawyers and paralegals who can assist you with your case, connect you with a housing counselor or, in certain instances, refer you to legal services available to eligible low-income homeowners.

Call the SaveYourHomePhilly hotline if:

  • You have missed a mortgage payment
  • Your mortgage payments have suddenly increased
  • You received a letter from the Sheriff’s Office
  • You don’t understand your loan documents
  • You think there is a problem with your mortgage
  • You have been offered foreclosure help by someone else
  • You think you have been the victim of a foreclosure rescue scam

All services are FREE!


SaveYourHomePhilly is a City of Philadelphia Hotline operated by Philadelphia Legal Assistance